Weather you are looking for pleasant rest, or want to enjoy a good quality vine, the Turk place located on upper part of Medjimurje is right place for you... They can offer you comfortable single and double bed rooms, with breakfast included. For bigger groups, or upon personal request, they can prepare domestic food and serve their own vines. In two separate bigger rooms it is possible to organize various events like business meetings, seminars and celebrations. If you decide to stay a bit longer, you can visit interesting places in the area, like beautiful paintings in St. Jeronime church in Strigova (done by well known painter Ivan Ranger), the mill and typical boat on river Mura, or enjoy in St. Martin spa.
home vinogradarstvo smještaj galerija lokacija Vučetinec 107b,  40311 SV. JURAJ NA BREGU,   tel: 040 855 154, gps: 098 241 926,   mail:
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+385 40 855 154
+385 98 241 926
home vinogradarstvo smještaj galerija lokacija